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I believe every golfer, no matter what his or her swing looks like, has the capacity to learn to score…


As a golf instructor I believe the golf swing is a total body swing, a swing that incorporates every part of the body, not just the arms and hands.  I know the way to having a repeatable, reliable swing revolves around making a good weight transfer and a good rotation using the large muscles of the body to generate clubhead speed.  As a golf instructor I incorporate these principals into how I approach teaching my students.  By using the larger muscles of the body and a good rotation and weight transfer, a correct golf swing should not feel labored it should be smooth and efficient.

I start each golf lesson, or series of golf lessons with goals that we can measure and lay out clear objectives to meet these goals.  Whether your goal is to break 100, 90 or 80, or to get more consistent off the tee, or be able to get up and down more, I can help you achieve your goals.  At the end of each golf lesson I give my students a written recap of everything we covered with specific drills to work on to enhance the skills we just learned.  For students that are visual learners I also offer video swing analysis using a high speed camera and golf specific software to view your swing for further analysis.  I will upload the video to a private listing and e-mail a link so only my students can view the video.

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